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A Victorious 2021-WON

Today we decree upon you the spirit and anointing for victory!

We speak and say that you carry within you the spirit of a winner in 2021. We declare success, excess, increase, and overflow. We break the power of all failure, gloominess, grief, loss, fear, and defeat in the Name of Jesus. We speak and say that any sense of despair or hopelessness must depart from you. We prophesy that you will see a divine turnaround to anything that tried to hinder or trouble you last year. We speak that all emotional wounds are healed and will not be carried into the upcoming season. We declare that difficulties are solved, challenges are eased, and pain is removed. We bind up any mind-binding spirit that would prevent you from seeing the good that the Lord has planned in your future. We say your spiritual eyes and ears are open to the Spirit of God. We prophesy that no evil spirit can track you into this next year, in the authority of Jesus' Name. We release the angels of the Lord to stand guard and to war on your behalf. We decree, divine healing and financial prosperity. We prophesy that your family shall experience the greatest victories they have ever known, and you will see the generational blessing rest upon your children and loved ones!

We say 2021-WON is your year to prosper, to stand as the victor and, 2021-WON shall be your year to experience life, and life abundantly in Jesus' Name! Amen!

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Unknown member
Jan 09, 2021

Yes! 🦅


Amen, and well do it on Eagles wings

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