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The Mandate of the Church

Our Mandate

Our Worship Mandate

We are decreeing a foundational mantle over Celebrations Sending Centre; breakthrough portals of unique, new heavenly sounds of worship. Cherubim & Seraphim angels and musical instruments prophesying God's glory during holy worship. It will be sent out to set free regions & nations of people, it will be produced out of our own church, and recording studio.
We believe that this worship will come out of a glorious holy anointing, reaping a huge harvest of souls. It will break strongholds, cast down principalities, and set captives free. It will create breakthrough, great joy, deliverance, restoration, signs & wonders, and miracles of Holy Fire from heaven's weighted glory and holy atmosphere.
This will be done all for the Kingdom of heaven, to honour and glorify King Jesus.

Our Vision

Habakkuk 2:2-3 - Though the vision may tarry, wait patiently for it because it has an appointed time, and it will not prove false, but it SHALL SURELY come to pass!
Lord, we decree and declare before the throne room and the court room of heaven, a restraining order against the devil. We abort and stop any attacks or assignments against us and our vision statement, in Jesus' name!
Lord, we ask this only in obedience to your will. We trust you to fulfill this vision through the promise of your Living Word as our Righteous King and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
We decree army angels and ministering angels to go before us and our children, to preapre and protect us as we walk into the calling you have set before us.
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